Your style is …vintage spirit, ploughed veins of wood, aged aspect, painted woods, go for SENSO RUSTIC !

Your style is … sober form, modern materials trendy objects, design furniture, go for SENSO URBAN !

Your style is... Elegance, sobriety, soft and natural colors or lines funitures, go for SENSO NATURE !

  • 4 bevelled edges
  • Clean workplace: lay without glue, can be cut with a knife
  • For all room of the home
  • Installation conditions: see the instruction guide
  • Total thickness: 2mm
  • Thickness of wearlayer : 0.2 mm
  • Weight: 3920 gr/m² for planks and 3425gr/m² for tiles

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0767 Pure oak Gris
0309 Kola
0311 Noisette
0777 Fishbone
0778 Fishbone Fonce
0394 White Pecan
0307 Cacao


0301 Céruse Blanc
0636 Subway

Stein Dekore

0201 Travertin
0702 Wallstreet Light


0347 Columbia
0397 Night slate
0019 Merbau Exotic
0018 Noyer Naturel
0296 Oak Pine


0917 Provence Blue